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Data analysis – relevant key figures at a glance

Your intelligent numbers professional

With the Data Analysis module, you can design data analyses yourself. You can drag and drop the desired data columns into the table. In this way, you can quickly and easily create lists and grids with calculations. You can then export the prepared data as an Excel file, for example. This way you always have an optimal overview of all relevant key figures of your farm.

Datenanalyse - Front Office CLOUD
Data analysis – Front Office Cloud
  • Interactive analysis tool for the retrieval of any data
  • Data sources: Turnover invoiced, consumed, open, bookings, wellness appointments.
  • Columns can be arranged with drag-and-drop
  • Data can be summarised with functions such as sum, average, …
  • Lists or grid (pivot) display
  • Direct export to MS-Excel
  • Interactive graphics for the result data (bar, pie, line…)